Flying Fish Toy

Air Swimmers Flying Fish Toy

These Remote Control Air Swimmer flying fish toys are the most amazing radio-controlled product ever made! Predicted to be one of the best selling gift ideas this year. Fly the flying fish toy around your home or work place and see peoples reaction! These air swimmers are easy to fly. The RC controller lets you to make the flying fish toy move left, right, up, down and forward with ease. Very maneuverable, the fish is able to turn in very small spaces, so you can easily swim around your house or office.

Unlike other flying RC products you don't have to worry about crashing, the Shark just bounces off walls and other objects without damage.

Watch the short video below to see it in action

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Air Swimmers are helium filled remote control fish (You can get a Flying Clownfish or Flying Shark or both) You can literally fly through the air so it looks like the fish of your choice is swimming through the sky. It’s really cool to watch and a lot of fun to control and operate. So you can expect that your children, and even you adults, are going to have a whole lot of fun once you finally get your Air Swimmers out of the box and flying through the sky.

The material of this flying fish toy is a very tough material that is made of nylon. This allows you to easily fill it up with the necessary helium that will allow it to take flight. And you’ll be able to do this as many times as you want for years of enjoyment.

The Air Swimmer also require batteries, so keep that in mind when you finally do make your purchase. You’ll need four AAA batteries for the body and you’ll also need another three AAA batteries to put inside of the remote control.

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